Can you go?

Alaskan blogger AKMuckraker  posted a call today for folks to turn out and take part in keeping their local Citizen’s Advisory  Committee moving toward   balanced fish and wildlife policies. For any who poke their heads in here, who live in the Anchorage area I urge you to go and take part.

“The Anchorage Fish & Game Advisory Committee will hold its election meeting January 8th at 6:30 pm at the Anchorage School Board room, located at 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd.  There are five 3-year and two 1-year alternate seats available.  Also on the agenda will be discussion of the Upper Cook Inlet Board of Fisheries proposals, and finalize comments for the Statewide Board of Game proposals…

Advisory committees are the local “grass roots” groups that meet to discuss fishing and wildlife issues and to provide recommendations to the boards. There are 81 committees throughout the state each with expertise in a particular local area.
Meetings are always open to the public and are generally attended by department staff and members of the public who can offer background information on agenda topics. Advisory Committees are intended to provide a local forum on fish and wildlife issues. Their purpose as established by the legislature includes:

  • developing regulatory proposals
  • evaluating regulatory proposals and making recommendations to the appropriate board
  • providing a local forum for fish and wildlife conservation and use, including matters relating to habitat
  • advising the appropriate regional council on resources
  • consulting with individuals, organizations, and agencies. “


These advisory groups have a much clearer set of tasks and line of communication with the state agencies they advise than is usual.


Sec. 16.05.260. Advisory committees.

The Board of Fisheries and the Board of Game may adopt regulations they consider advisable in accordance with AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act) establishing, at places in the state designated by the individual boards, advisory committees to be composed of persons well informed on the fish or game resources of the locality. The boards shall set the number and terms of each of the members of the advisory committees, shall delegate one member of each committee as chairman, and shall give the chairman authority to hold public hearings on fish or game matters. Recommendations from the advisory committees shall be forwarded to the appropriate board for their consideration but if the Board of Fisheries or the Board of Game chooses not to follow the recommendations of the local advisory committee the appropriate board shall inform the appropriate advisory committee of this action and state the reasons for not following the recommendations.

So much attention is focussed on faraway DC .

Some necessary, a lot not.

Trying to develop fish and game policies  , in our state’s most populated area, with all stakeholders and the future in mind regarding habitat, is as necessary as anything going on anywhere else .

Can you go?

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  1. Although I could not go I hope all those of u who are in the area did.
    I can tell you as a person who did not grow up with the Alaska resources I have learned a lot about my area by attending these meetings.
    No matter your attitudes it is a good process. What is even better is that when the actual Game Board meets you can then testify directly to them with much more creditability.
    The boards do listen to citizens and you do stand a good chance of making a direct difference by becoming involved.
    This is one of those systems in Alaska that is GOOD:-)

  2. UgaVic, I guess it all depends on what part of our great state you live in and the make up of your areas population in regards to race. In the northern part of Western Alaska we have a struggle for control on fish and game issues. Take for example our salmon stocks in the Nome Area rivers. They have been on the decline for going on 20 years and some streams qualify for endangered or already extinct. Well know facts if you look into the Fish and Game Reports. Yet our Advisory Committee ignores the salmon crisis and focuses on what little game we have left on the land. Something very fishy is going on here. Nome is the testing spot for Tier II subsistence fishing for Chum Salmon and has been for at least 15 years. The subsistence control freaks are telling somebody in policy making that sea mammals are more important to the subsistence users than salmon is so any progress toward changing the system and saving the salmon is stalled by a Special Interest Political Control Group. Caucasian regulators and managers don’t want to rock the boat otherwise they are labled Not Pro-Native. Not Pro-Native is the new politically correct way to say that someone is prejudice against Natives. The makers of the new buzz word need to learn that their actions show their attitude of racism very clearly. They then project their attitudes onto everyone else especially those who oppose their ideas. Dominance and control no matter the cost to the people. Very destructive.

    • Man_from_Unk-
      Can you describe how your council behaves in relation to the functions the law provides for?
      Some of ours in Southeast have a less than sterling history as well BUT getting more people to participate has helped…
      It is difficult to overcome people’s mindsets and the cry that anything might not be pro-native resonates way down deep in peoples’ emotions. It’s a lot of work to try to reframe the arguments away from such emotional appeals but it seems to me that you are working very hard to do that. Do you have help and / or neighbors who are trying, similarly, to see the larger picture?

      5 AAC 96.050. Functions of local fish and game advisory committees

      A committee may

      (1) develop regulatory proposals for submission to the appropriate board;

      (2) evaluate regulatory proposals submitted to them and make recommendations to the appropriate board;

      (3) provide a local forum for fish and wildlife conservation and use, including any matter related to fish and wildlife habitat;

      (4) advise the appropriate regional council regarding the conservation, development, and use of fish and wildlife resources;

      (5) work with the appropriate regional council to develop subsistence management plans and harvest strategy proposals; and

      (6) cooperate and consult with interested persons and organizations, including government agencies, to accomplish (1) – (5) of this section.

  3. Thinking more on the issue of Advisory Committees, it came to me like a light bulb turning on in my brain just now. The Norton Sound area has two Fish and Game Advisory Committees, the Northern Norton Sound region and the Southern Norton Sound region. Chances are that there are some backdoor secret decisions being made here – salmon to the south and marine mammals to the north? That’s it. Dominance over food resources and dominance over federal/state funds split between two control groups? So much for fair and equal respresentation in this neck of the woods. Dominance and control no matter the cost to the poor people. Very destructive.

  4. You know, I think we have to get away from the idea that “Good writers and Good talkers” make “Good Leaders”. Listen to those good writers and good talkers and hear them say “me, me, me” then you know they are not looking out for the best interest of the people. You can see it in their faces as well. The worried look imprints itself and it becomes permanent. You know that leader has a conscience and is maybe feeling guilty that they are not making the best choices for all the people and eventually that will be known and down, down, down they will fall after all those years of fooling people. On the other hand, there are those leaders who are everybody’s best buddy, talking loud in public places saying look at me, look at me, look at me, I’m important. We’re slowly getting away from the idea that the ‘best speakers’ are our ‘best leaders’ thank goodness.

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