Do you know about this?


Session has started .

We have the ability to stay almost right up to the minute with what our legislature is doing  at:


“Welcome to

The Alaska State Legislature

This web site offers you the ability to track bills, locate and contact your legislators (PDF document), access committee information and stay up-to-date on legislative activities. Check out the Students page for educational and fun information. For further information on navigating this website and the legislative process in general, please try our help wizard or call 1-800-478-4648.”


I am not terribly proficient at navigating around  the site but have gotten to the point I can find bills I want to follow, sign up for emails to stay current on them, and totally lose myself in reading about past sessions .

I do not have TV . There is a link on this main Alaska State Legislature page which can be used to get our wonderful Gavel to Gavel coverage – audio or video.

There are links to our legislators , with contact information for each.

Someday maybe I’ll figure out all the little bells and whistles but for now I’m just happy to be able to check in daily , if I want, to read and hear what is happening in our Legislature.

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  1. I just discovered this due to your help.
    Is great and will allow me to see IF anything is really getting done.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! On my list, also too, is to lobby for an increased message length using the POM system:

    The Alaska State Public Opinion Message System has a limit of 50 words, and that is not enough to give any real background on an issue or views on that issue! Last year I used the POM system over and over and was constantly challenged to condense my message and still give my view context. Egads.

    Let’s get some work done this year!

  3. Thank you for all that you are doing to help us access our government from out here in the Bush.

    • We have a lot more to do , neighbor.
      We need to expand internet access, specifically broadband access, in the bush.
      We need people like you to encourage your next door neighbors to find and use the tools we have to stay in touch with our state government.
      We need, all of us , all across this state, to invest our own time and effort in the work of crafting our future. We can do that, in part, by becoming aware of and learning to use the tools we have. 🙂

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