You can come too!

The 36th Alaska Folk Festival starts Monday April 5 in Juneau!

I look forward to this week long event every year. 

Musicians from all across  Alaska come to play  their 15 minute set, take part in workshops, and fill up every nook and cranny around town with great jam sessions.

There’s always a special guest artist . This year it is Guy Davis.

All the concerts are free ! The Alaska Folk Festival organization has fundraisers through the year , a dedicated membership base, and tons of volunteers who put in countless hours to make this week of music happen.

If you look through the concert performer lists for each evening , you may find a friend or neighbor …

This year folks will be here from communities all over Southeast Alaska – Ketchikan, Gustavus, Sitka, Pelican. I see a couple Alaskans who have moved Outside in the lineup…

Folks from Tok, Anchorage, Nome, Homer, Fairbanks, Cordova, Soldotna…

And for all our neighbors who cannot be here in person:

 from the Juneau Empire

“JUNEAU – As the community gets ready for the Alaska Folk Festival, April 5 to 11, KRNN (102.7 FM) is making its plans as well. As usual, KRNN will broadcast the music from the festival’s main stage in Centennial Hall.”

KRNN can be listened to live during the festival via these wonderful tubes!

KRNN is one of 3 public radio stations under our KTOO Public Radio and TV umbrella in Juneau.

My friend  Buddy Tabor, singer, songwriter, musician, retired housepainter  is one of many, many  folks who make this happen every year.

I hope you can come too!

Tune in and listen to your neighbors next week  if you can’t come sit with me at Centennial Hall!

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  1. Wow, that snuck up fast! That means spring is officially here for SE Alaska – hurray!

    I’m really hoping the weather is nice so maybe I can hear some musicians from my window.

  2. I know you might sap me but the important stuff besides MUSIC is being controlled by the Information Holders. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game just had an Information Meeting in Nome last night and the “Usual Suspects” showed up, only a handful! It’s embarrassing to “say the least” (somebody said that before me), that the least informed showed up and tryed to play smart! No wonder Bush Alaska is fried; all of the brainy people are laying low burnt out or they moved on! Come on people, speak up. The ones speaking up for us are in the Left Field. Music is good. It soothes the soul.

    • I’m in need of a lot of soothing lately… 🙂
      Trying to track a fish story on my end of this huge state and finding info hard to get… as usual.

      The Taku is a transboundary river under the Pacific Salmon Treaty…

      Have a lot of questions I’m working on…

      A few more days of music and maybe I’ll have enough energy to get back to scrounging info…
      A lot of work to do , across this whole state, to get information out into the light and try to make sense of it.

    Buyer interested in Tulsequah Chief Mine
    web posted 7:23 pm April 9, 2010
    By Kim Marquis
    Juneau Empire

    The rumbles I’ve been hearing are true…
    here we go again…

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