2009 year in review and preliminary 2010 predictions for Salmon

Fish Year Info

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  1. The Chinook numbers were awful.

  2. Here is looking at another poor year for the poor people around the state that depend on subsistence food gathering to survive. They have to get involved in the Fish Politics. There is no other way around the mess. The Information Holders are looking scared and they are buying support as fast as they can. Cut them off and start all over again – The message to the US Government will be given loud and clear in Anchorage in Mid-May. Rural Alaskans are traveling to Washington D.C. in hoards. The word is out. We need to step in and Save the Salmon before it’s too late.

  3. Manipulation with a meager per diem check and a six-pack of beer is wrong, very, very wrong. We need to save the Salmon before it’s too late.

  4. There is hope for us Rural Alaskans starving for Salmon now that the population in Urban Alaska, mainly those in Anchorage, are going to be restricted in harvesting Salmon this year. Their voter numbers will be added to ours. It’s too bad it had to come to this though.

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