Excepting birthdays, I’m not much for annversaries

Marking them or remembering them…

Yesterday I found myself looking at the clock every few minutes without knowing why.

Today, I know why. One year ago today, Mother’s Day 2009, my beloved nephew was murdered.

I miss him so…

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  1. I’m glad you acknowledged this day, such a blow to the month of May. But to forget would do both our nephew and the lovely month an injustice – so I will find a new way to deal with May. It is full of birthdays of people I care about, and now one deathday, too.

    I miss Me-Oh-My-Oh a lot, and I think this sudden loss really made me think about small things and how to let them go. Family & friends will always be more special and more dear than before. Me-Oh-My-Oh, wherever or whenever you are, I love you.

  2. Oh the ache of losing someone…never good. It seems to be a little less on the surface each year, but the deep hurt stays longer.

    The little I have gotten to know your nephew through all of your eyes, the more I can imagine your loss.
    I am sure he keeps an eye on all of you, his cats, his son and those dear to him.

    Remember the laughs, smiles and all the good things. Know others are there with you sharing a tad of the enormous loss you have all had.

  3. We all suffer losses and the unexpected ones are always the hardest to come to terms with. My thoughts are with you and your family. Surround the family with love so that the anger and hurt can be put to rest.

  4. For me, the anger and surface hurt is gone.
    It is the moments I hear his laugh and turn my head and he’s not there which take my breath away…
    Watching a boat come into the harbor and remembering him as a small child marking each coming and going from the window…
    Ferry coming up the channel!
    Fishing boat going down the channel!
    Colonel Sanders coming up the channel!
    ( red and white spinnaker on a sailboat apparently reminded him of a TV commercial for fried chicken..
    🙂 )
    Each painful memory of joys gone past opens a place for healing though…
    And we’ll get there…

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