What did we do…?

I have been trying to get information  about a project my Regional Corporation has taken on.

I have some feelers out which have yielded some fruit and some ideas about how to go at getting a bit more…

Right now though,  I’m just flat ticked off.

Land and resource use issues are not debated nor examined in any meaningful way. Corporate decisions are made within the law and frame of mind surrounding for-profit mentality.

I have grave concerns about this project  and am finding I am , even more than usual,  frustrated by the strange position of being a shareholder in a company who is pursuing projects I disagree with but have no real say in.

The for-profit nature of the Regional Corporation does not allow for debate or consideration by shareholders when it comes to investments or projects and yet use of land is of enormous importance to us all.

Underground Coal Gasification SHOULD be openly discussed in Alaska, within my corporation and across the state as the Mental Health Trust has also announced plans to study feasibility on lands it controls.

 At this point we have very little mainstream attention on the subject… Supposedly the permitting process for my Corporation’s plan  is underway but any information about what, when, how, and so on is not readily available.

GroundtruthTrekking has done a good job making  general information available about coal in Alaska and the Stone Horn Ridge project  as well as   information about UCG.

The proposed Chuitna strip mine is very near the Stone Horn Ridge proposed project.

When you hear people extolling the virtues of ANSCA  , it is wise to take it with a grain of salt.

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act has changed the face of Alaska and the lives of Alaska Natives forever and I’m not super impressed with many aspects of that change.

Original shareholders are those born on or before the passage of ANSCA and of one quarter Native heritage. They can deed, as gifts or in death, shares to to other Native peoples and Corporations can , if shareholders agree, issue stock to descendants. We now have huge numbers of Native peoples who are not shareholders in Regional Corporations who have even less of a voice in land use issues than those of us who are shareholders… and we have almost none.


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