Why do people keep going here?

It is hard to deal with  the tone which surrounds our civil dialogue in America right now .

Impossible to ignore, it permeates far too many discussions of what we want, what we think, where we want to go and, far too often, hijacks any attempt to move toward any sort of consensus and action.

Quite frankly,  I’m sick of it.

Fear and anger I understand.

Outright  hatred I do not. 

Expressions of hatred in talk and behavior leave me cold.

It’s stupid, dangerous, and self-defeating. 

 The recent escalation of hate talk in this country is giving me permanent heartburn.

We have walked this way before… it solves nothing and hurts many.

We have problems, we are facing many uncertainties… we always will.

We need to buck up and act like the best we can be if we expect a best outcome.


from   Jose Ortega y Gasset in   Meditations on Quixote:

“we …find it easier to be aroused by a moral dogma than to open our hearts to the demands of veracity. We are definitely more willing to hand over our free will to a rigid moral attitude than to keep our judgment always open, ready at any moment for the desirable form and correction.

 One might say that we embrace the moral imperative like a weapon in order to simplify life for ourselves by destroying immense portions of the globe.

With keen vision Nietzsche has detected forms and products of resentment in certain moral attitudes. No product of resentment can evoke our sympathy. Rancor emanates from a sense of inferiority.

It is the imaginary suppression of the person whom we cannot actually suppress by our own efforts.The one towards whom we feel resentment bears in our imagination the livid semblance of a corpse: in our minds, we have killed him, annhilated him.

Later, when we find him actually sound and unconcerned in reality, he seems to us like a refractory corpse , stronger than ourselves, whose very existence is an embodiment of mockery, of disdain towards our weakness.

Love (knowledge for Ortega) fights too, it does not stagnate in the troubled peace of compromise;  but it fights lions as lions and gives the name “dog” only to dogs.

This struggle with an enemy who is understood is true tolerance, the proper attitude of every robust soul. Jose de Campos , the eighteenth century thinker, whose interesting book Azorin has discovered , wrote : ” The virtues of tolerance are rare in poor peoples ” ; that is to say, weak peoples.”


Hating the President, hating  a religion, hating a race, hating, hating, hating…

It solves nothing.


from Martin Williams, inmate poet at Folsom Prison , California :


Just in case the worry heavy world

Should cast a final backward glance

To whimper at what might have been

Before the horror of trumpets

Blown by indifferent angels

Burns and hails and turns to blood

The bone and breath of form

And I am not this

And you are not that

And for a moment, briefly

We all weep the same tears

And forget the too-many names of God

And all the bitter, biting ways

We clip the wings of each other’s prayers

Just in case

I don’t see you tomorrow

My friend, my friend,

I’ll see you again

Where we shall be healed.

I’ll see you again.

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  1. Beautiful Post. This needs to be said and you have expressed it in a beautiful way.

  2. Hatred – say the word, it sounds distructive doesn’t it.

    I don’t understand people who take their personal issues of hatred toward certain kinds of people and project them onto others as if the innocent brought on the initial feelings of hate.

    Hate destroys
    Everything it touches
    Take care of it
    Before it destroys
    You and those
    You love

    People don’t RESPECT
    One who HATES
    For no apparent reason
    Other than for
    Self gratification
    That makes their
    Hatred justified

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