27th Legislature -Session starts January 18th

It’s time to start paying attention !

Prefiled bills can be viewed here and here.

You can sign up to track bills you want to follow.

You can get a lot of information, including audio recordings of committee hearings and  get in touch with your own legislators .

We are very lucky in this state to have access to so much of what is going on.

Time to get to work ! 🙂

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  1. Hey Pi, your first sentence alarms me a lot. Concerned citizens pay attention 365 days a year, every year! We talk to our lawmakers wheither they are in session or not. They are our neighbors and/or friends. We’d get a lot farther in society if we’d treat them like our equals rather than some ‘untouchable’ because of status. We have to take ‘status’ out of the political arena and perhaps we’ll start making our societies people friendly, animal friendly and whatever else friendly we need to keep our planet healthy for everything living!

  2. 🙂
    I hadn’t thought about the first sentence in the context you did Man_from_Unk but , yes, concerned citizens do pay attention 365 days a year!
    I was thinking more about the many ways we can stay informed while the Legislature is in session because there is so much going on it is sometimes hard to sort out where this or that is or was or went…
    There’s a lot of talk about lack of accessibility to the Legislature while in session in some parts of the state.
    And I think it’s mostly talk.
    We have to do some of the work ourselves but the Leg is actually very accessible if we make use of the tools available to us.

  3. Hello! I finally made it!

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