A friend sent me this hug for my birthday.
The loss of my beloved nephew to murder colors my birthdays now .
I received the horrible news in what I assumed  would be the first celebration phone call of the day 3 birthdays ago.
I woke from a dream about him this morning.

 I heard his voice.

I touched his cheek.

We laughed.
I really, really needed this hug.
Thank you dear friend.

Went to watch seals and birds and fishing boats today in this place the family last gathered in full numbers to celebrate.

Cold and wet and quiet today

Quiet enough to hear that boy’s laugh across the years since he stood there with me last.

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  1. I love this little video! Happy Birthday sis – even if it was raining, it was a fun day and I’m drying out nicely in front of the stove. I’m glad we went to see the place holding a great memory of Nehemiah today.

  2. I’m drying out and warming up too. Came home to 2 delightful singing phone messages from grand and her goofy papa .
    It was deeply satisfying to stand where we had such a wonderful family gathering, one which held so many hours of working and celebrating side by side with my Me-O-My-o. I miss him so.

  3. I am sorry for your grief and I hope time heals the pain.

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