Growing older has changed how I view the world and the “pie in the sky” ideals I once held. Becoming a grandparent has given me a feeling of urgency to stay engaged with the world I live in which is quite different  in flavor to that which propelled me in years gone past.

First and foremost, I don’t want my grands to have to live with anymore messes than necessary and, boy, have we been making messes!

I am  part  of the collective blog,  anonymousbloggers,  and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This is a place to talk about ideas and issues which mean something to me, to think about the framework of attitude, ideal, and law which we have woven round our lives and how it all could be said to shake out in effects on our everyday lives.

I realize sometimes I set the lawnmower on ‘high’ and blaze over a whole patch of ground as fast as I can. On close inspection one can find sloppy patches or places where some time and effort is needed to tidy up an area of thought.

I welcome any help with such work and to that end I’m happy to have all who may stop by add to ideas and information. 

However, I am on the verge of  becoming old and have less and less patience with foolishness which eats up the time I have left.

So, any folks who engage in name calling,  denigration of groups as groups just to be mean , ad hominem attacks, snarky remarks about kool aid, etc. will be flung off into what is left of the ozone.  Period.

Alaska Pi

Published on December 4, 2009 at 5:44 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. yo Pi ! do I get to be humorous at times ? 🙂

    • OF course!!!

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